It is an organization, Buddhist Cultural Progressive Association and Welfare. The BCPAW is non-political, Socio-Culture & non-profitable. We established the Buddhist Cultural Progressive Association and Welfare (BCPAW) on 25th may, 2012. It is awareness of our history, culture and heritage among the Buddhist Communities in the world. We believe recognition of the inherent dignity, respect and value of the equal and inalienable rights of all human is the way of building peace and freedom. We share their value, rights and dignity and we express our support for those suffering from discrimination. Our activities are mainly to focus the BCPAW people’s culture, tradition, and way of life and human rights violation against minorities; of Bangladesh.
As well as it wishes to mobilize religiously diverse youth in community projects to promote peace and understanding between different faith groups. Though it is a Buddhist organization, its activity stretched out. One man cannot do a large work alone. He must need of other help. So we can realize that we need an essential unity. A good unity can change our way of ignorance.
We are observing in daily life, many people have keen intelligence and good capacity, though they cannot show their qualities because of their many obstacles. If they get help from others properly, we believe that they will progress their own subject.
We will work for the development ,needy people, brilliant and curious helpless student .We also believe, all men are equal and all men have keen intelligence. All men have right to do all site.
Besides we have many activities. For example:
1. To publish new events.
2. Give respectful reception man or woman.
3. Social activity.
4. To protect and respect ideal features.
5. To work for human rights.
6. To help needy students who are unable to studying further with problems of financial.
7. To mobilize religious device youth in community project to promote peace and understanding between different faith groups.
We see that a huge number of children don’t go to school due to lack of money. They cannot afford to buy educational materials for financial support .As a result; they stop their study in the middle stage. Then they become uneducated. We deeply emphasize on educational site so that they don’t stop their study and they can continue their study properly. “The education is a life progressive discovery of our own ignorance”. Then a good citizen become into exists in the future.
We think; BCPAW is one of the best unities at present time. Because we emphasize on our unity more than our individual work. Unity is our first target because a strong unity can solve all problems. A strong unity can take good plans and maintain to work properly. BCPAW like to take new challenge. BCPW know how to confront new challenge.

      We expect in long future, we will pass our impenetrable path. We will also expect that we will win all obstacles by BCPAW.

       We explore and expose the Bangladesh minority BCPAW people’s culture, tradition, religion, human rights violation, tyranny and oppression and demand government and other legal authorities to take action to end such illegal and inhuman practices and bring those perpetrators to justice and to respect International Human Rights laws. We pursue our objectives by building a network with those individuals and organizations that support and promote the minority BCPAW peoples heritage, human rights and by appealing to governments, international organizations and world leaders to end human rights violation against Buddhist minorities of Bangladesh.

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